To register as a leader/helper of our Aberfeldie Youth and Young Adult programs please fill out the form below:

YAYA Leaders Check

  • I consent to the information contained in this application including the subsequent pages to be kept by our church. I understand that this information will be kept in a confidential file and used only for screening and disciplinary purposes.
  • Do you have any health problem(s) which may affect you volunteering for the church?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?
  • Have you ever been charged with a criminal offence?
  • Have you ever had permission to undertake paid or voluntary work with children or other vulnerable people refused, suspended or withdrawn in Australia or any other country?
  • Have you ever engaged in any of the following conduct, even though never having been charged? • Sexual contact with someone under your care other than your spouse (such as parishioner, client, patient, student, employee or subordinate) • Sexual contact with a person under the age of consent • Illegal use , production, sale or distribution of pornographic materials • Conduct likely to cause harm to people, or to put them at risk of harm.
  • Has your driver’s licence ever been revoked or suspended?
  • Have you ever had an apprehended violence order, order for protection or the like issued against you as a result of allegations of violence, abuse, likely harm, harassment, stalking etc?
  • Has a child or dependent young person in your care (as a parent or in any other capacity) ever been removed from your care, or been the subject of a risk assessment by the authorities?
  • Have you done anything in the past or present that may result in allegations being made against you of child abuse? Abuse means: bullying, emotional abuse, harassment: neglect; physical abuse; or sexual abuse.
  • Have you ever done anything in the past or present that may result in allegations being made against you of bullying or any form of harassment of adults?
  • To your knowledge, have you ever been the subject of an allegation of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct?
  • Have you a history of alcohol abuse or a history of substance abuse including prescription, over-the-counter, recreational or illegal drugs?
  • List church organisations, churches, congregations of which you have been a member. Include name of church, position, and estimated months/years. Please add each separate church on a different line.
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  • I consent to provide a Working with Children Check and a National Police Record Check. If you have resided in another country: I consent to provide an Australian Federal Police Check.
  • Please provide the name and contact number of 2 referees. Referees must be over eighteen years of age and able to give a report (by telephone only) on your good character and suitability for ministry. Please add each reference on a different line.
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  • Do you currently have an active Working With Children Check?
  • Please provide the number listed on your card (if applicable)
  • I solemnly and sincerely declare that: The information I have provided in this application and the information contained in any document accompanying this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any material misstatement in or omission from this questionnaire may render me unfit to hold a particular or any office in the Church.